With shrinking margins and increasing competition, telcos need to improve their delivery and operations, making them more cost efficient and faster.


But moving towards a digital telco is hard with legacy systems and entrenched practices.


We solve this through services and engagements specifically designed to help you leapfrog how you service your customers into the digital age.


Deliver on specific commitments or goals through structured interventions.

We have a long record of delivery in scale environments to support our clients though their digital journey.

Customer experience

Orchestrate interactions across touchpoints as part of a cohesive and consistent customer journey.

Sales journey

Supercharge your channel performance, efficiency and returns with a clearer sales journey and better tooling.

Revenue enablement

Convert sales to revenue faster by accelerating your order fulfilment process through data- and process-mining.

Revenue assurance

We find and fix the leaks in your operations and billing, discovering revenue from your existing deployments and ensuring fewer errors in the future.

Digital transformation

Transform your back-end capabilities and processes to deliver quality customer experiences.

Operating efficiency

Take costs and risks out of your operations with intelligent automation practices.

Quality assurance

Use real-time end-to-end technical and commercial verification to ensure the quality of client services in all operations.


Use ML and AI techniques to transform internal systems and approaches for better business outcomes.

Portfolio development

Grow revenue by expanding the number and variety of the services you take to market.

We help you deliver engineered communication solutions that matter to millions of your customers.

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Products & Services

Use our platforms and services to accelerate the ability to deliver on your requirements, with less execution risk and cost.


A sales enablement and CPQ service that helps ISPs close more sales, more often. Groove streamlines your sales process, making it quicker with less operational pain.


Telecoms and ISP industries must simplify and automate service delivery to remain competitive. By using data-driven delivery solutions like Twyn.ai , CSPs can overcome the challenges of complexity and achieve greater agility, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.


Business and systems strategy and build that embraces new ways of thinking and working for telco service providers and ISPs.

We specialise in cloud consulting: grow your AWS and Azure business through helping your clients navigate and succeed in cloud.

Managed services

A full outsource service for telcos. From provisioning engineering and activation, to service management, and service assurance and support, you’ll get higher operational performance at a lower cost, while ensuring that capacity and cost are aligned with demand.


About Us

Jurumani partners with telecommunications service providers and ISPs across Africa, helping them to better serve their customers, build and operate networks and services and find a sustainable path to growth.

We believe communications is the single most powerful way to extend economic opportunities and reduce inequality. As an African company, our mission is to try and positively impact as many people on the African continent as possible.

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