Telcos need to decrease operating costs and keep growing revenue.

In operation and delivery teams, RPA, new systems or applications can all improve processes and boost speed and efficiency, while decreasing cost. But there is a risk to having large teams ready ahead of sales and demand, or fixing costs fixed through the variation of sales. 

We prefer a different approach: linking capacity with demand and cost with revenue decreases risk. With us, costs are linked to actual measured business outcomes and performance – e.g. we bill only when a solution is successfully able to be billed.

Managed Service focus areas

Provisioning engineering

From the received customer order to an implemented, billable service, we mange delivery for the entire fulfilment and activation process. Services cover VPN, SDWAN, voice, broadband, cloud / hosting, security and VSAT.

Service management

Mature high-touch large enterprise service management.

Network installation, fulfilment and activation

From desktop assessment and site surveys, through to FTTx, broadband and microwave access installation.

Service assurance

Tier 1, Tier 2 and escalations engineering on a 24 / 7 basis for all telecoms services

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