In order to deliver an improved customer journey experience and operate better services we help you detect and find problems in service deployment and operations. 

You can then analyse and implement better processes and understand and predict service impacts (such as power supply problems on service availability).  This will enhance revenue and prevent costs. You can also use the data and ML techniques to leverage your techno-operating assets to better serve your customer.

We support AI/ML through:


Data is used to analyse the operating dynamics and forecast impacts (e.g. what impact will power outages have on customer service?). Intelligent root cause analysis is also used to help assurance teams rationalise alarming.


Simon is a data-driven, automated approach that builds understanding. It then instructs the various systems in the operating environment, so that services are deployed accurately and quickly, despite any imperfections.


We help you understand and build capability around using data and process techniques that support your business outcome.

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