With intelligent, automated service provisioning, you can improve your business performance. Better orchestration also removes time and costs from operations.

We use data from existing systems and processes, including brownfields operations, to help you implement a more efficient approach to service activation. Using Simon and Pulse, our approaches are pragmatic and acknowledge how the real world actually works. Simon and Pulse provide returns that are that visible in a short time and have low risks of implementation.

We support Revenue Enablement through:


Provisioning templates and automated service-quality and completeness checks are used to speed up the network, as well as the service configuration and activation process.


Intelligent order management and orchestration is used to understand and eliminate unnecessary steps in the workflow process.


We use RPA to accelerate all aspects of your operations and fulfilment process, automating the high-volume tasks so that you can focus on exceptions and customer experience.

Managed services

Keep costs contained while revenue grows by outsourcing provisioning and activation to a team that dynamically scales capacity for demand, while making continuous improvements to systems and processes.

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