There are millions of service instances in production and imperfect configurations are therefore everywhere.

By having an automated and intelligent way of finding problems you can identify which services are live but not being billed, what is not correctly configured, and where opportunities for improvement exist. Our offering also includes a near real-time audit of the network and deployed services and a  focus on ensuring that future practice around provisioning is improved.

We support Revenue Assurance through:


Through a regular audit of network and services against commercial orders, we make sure your deployments match customer invoices and commercial expectations.


By focusing on data, process and ML, we help to identify and address issues in the sales-to-revenue process, and ensure you are optimising your delivery for fast and error-free delivery.

Managed services

Our provisioning and service management services focus on delivering all aspects of the underlying functions. This include ensuring that billed revenue is correct and accounted for.

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