Cloud Acceleration Programme

ISPs currently get most of their revenue from selling connectivity, internet and services like voice and hosting. But as clients move towards new ways of networking like SDWAN, and migrate to the cloud, they are not always well positioned.

With new technologies and different ways to support clients on their journey, changing how ISPs operate can be hard.

The Cloud Acceleration Programme is set up to support ISPs by offering an expanded range of services, enabling more revenue and better customer service.

We help you deliver SDWAN and cloud (AWS and Azure) services customers demand.

Sales teams often struggle with the details around SDWAN and cloud journeys. What’s more, designing and managing networks that meet client user needs and their IT requirements is difficult. Dealing with suppliers and vendors in the space is complex and margins are thin.

Jurumani is the pre-eminent Cisco Meraki partner on the African continent. We have implemented solutions globally and operate services in more than fifteen African countries.

Additionally, we are a Microsoft Gold and Amazon Advanced Partner. We have helped companies across Africa move infrastructure and services to the public cloud.

  1. We manage Cisco Meraki SDWAN, Wi-Fi and security channel buying, implementation and support, all at discounted rates.
  2. Support clients migrate to AWS and Azure through defined paths and programmes.
  3. CAP helps value proposition development, targeting clients and sales enablement with toolsets and evaluation templates.
  4. Ongoing service assurance and management.

How does this help your team?



  • Address a much expanded customer wallet
  • Higher margin products with longer lifecycles
  • Takes cost out of operations with distribution, logistics, ordering and warehousing

Sales and sales operations

  • Sell new offerings
  • Stay relevant and help customers understand technology changes and how it helps them
  • Drive sales efficiency and effectiveness with our systems, platforms and support so you can focus on just selling

Product and partnerships

  • Increase the number and type of products and service offerings
  • Use assurance toolsets to provide better service and support to your clients
  • Remain relevant with movements to SDN and cloud services

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