For ISPs, CSPs and MSPs, business is tough: margins are getting squeezed and competition is increasing. 

It’s also difficult to differentiate when you are offering the same as everyone else. Lower revenue growth (because of broadband price-cuts you have to sell more to stand still), longer and more complicated sales cycles and more expensive sales teams are increasing the cost and complexity of business.

So, how does an ISP close more sales in much less time? How do you increase sales success rate, speed and improve the customer experience?

Groove helps telcos and ISPs

Sell more

Easily expand your partner ecosystem and service set to meet customer expectations. Make sure you don’t leave client requirements unmet.

Sell better

An error free quote, proposal and order process results in happier customers and a better sales experience. Groove puts all the solution architecture in one place, so that the proposal is in keeping with cost expectations and operational requirements.

Sell faster

Get a quote to a customer, in their inbox, within minutes, not days. Groove covers the full sales spectrum, from coverage checking and solution design to a commercial offer.

With Groove, you improve sales team efficiency and speed, improve the customer’s experience, and enable teams to sell a wider range of services. It also removes cost from the function, while enabling revenue growth. To learn more, visit

How does this help you?

Sales teams

  • An exponentially faster system
  • Capture and address coverage, product and cost at the same time
  • Takes the pain out of quoting and proposals

Sales operations and admin

  • Error free quotes
  • Efficient order placement
  • Fewer people and less time to process
  • What’s sold is accurate. What’s delivered is accurate


  • No big IT, stack spend or execution risk: aaS is based on success and consumption
  • Lower costs of sales
  • Fewer credit notes
  • Costs are aligned with revenue


  • Offer new services, capturing more customer value
  • More efficient sales process and sales-to-rev cycle
  • Focus on differentiating your offering
  • Help the team on the services and offering you want to see

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