You need to ensure your service provisioning, security, performance and assurance systems are operating as efficiently as they should be. 

Most telco orders and services are run according to a client’s demands. But, with tens-of-thousands of orders in progress and hundreds of variations on usual service patterns, compliance to a good implementation and quality standard can be low. As a result, the technical quality is uncertain.

The knock-on effects are numerous

  1. Service assurance practices and systems may not link services with network inventory, customers or service logic.
  2. Commercial implications may result in services not being billed, or being incorrectly configured, affecting other systems.
  3. Service performance and quality is unpredictable.
  4. Managing SLA requirements through guesswork is inefficient.

Pulse performs a full audit of service, customer and/or elements at near real time. This gives you an accurate view of your conformance to technical and performance expectations and standards, performance issues and service outages, and service assurance practices. The audit also enables Service Management reporting that is easy to generate, meaningful and accurate.

Pulse is therefore also used to help with revenue assurance (it can find active services not being billed), build confidence around security and service quality (is the service properly built to and operating at standards) and, with AI/ML, improve service assurance by prioritising alarms, and fixing client services.

Who Benefits?

Provisioning & Assurance

  • Uses templates that automate the correct configurations to devices, interfaces and hosts
  • Works for access, network, cloud, voice and security services
  • Alarm rationalisation and analysis
  • Proactive identification and analysis of service performance issues, outages and SLA breeches


  • Ensures configuration and operation of services, hosts, interfaces and elements is in line with your security requirements
  • Can define, measure and manage against almost any definition or standard

Audit Revenue

  • Identify active services that do not conform and are live but not billed
  • Enable revenue audit and assurance
  • Identify services with configuration problems that result in cost leakage

Service Management

  • Service quality, performance and availability reporting for SM teams and clients
  • SLA management and tracking

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