Start your first solution journey.

Select from a range of primary design objectives that gives you a summary of a customer view.

Easily find sites and check coverage.

Search for a single site or use the handy multi-site search function and do a quick coverage check.

Add existing network details to the solution analysis.

Enter the customer’s current configuration, so Groove can give you fact rich comparisons in the customer proposal.

Analytics help guide your access and edge product selection.

Groove proposes a best-fit last-mile access solution and an SDWAN or edge device to match your choices. It’s all guided by expert analysis.

Why are our proposals cool?

Groove generates all the sections you would expect to find in a business-grade proposal and so much more. See six of the coolest features.

Groove's Functionality overview.

Groove is an innovative digital sales tool, guiding the design process from the initial customer briefing to tabling a professional proposal.

Groove sneak peak.

Groove is Fast and seamless, delivering the customer experience you promise and…it’s ready to go!

Groove according to us.

Each of the team members have a unique description of Groove, but it all aligns in one word.

How do we on-board your products?

Groove does "solution engineering" for emerging and popular service offerings using domain experts.

During on-boarding of each product we validate the design and setup your parameters:

  • Only valid technical configurations are possible.
  • All modules (and products) are validated by our design engineers before they are published.
  • Vendor libraries with specifications and pictures.
  • You do the product management:

    • Remove the options you don't want to sell.
    • Name, brand and provide content for the items in the solution.
    • Configure and maintain the pricing.

  • You approve commercials before they are published.

How do you manage service coverage?

Standard access products with coverage maps are supported by default within Groove.

Coverage is handled a few ways:

Add to cloud

GIS teams will work with you to ingest data about your infrastructure and service coverage. Our GIS backend can handle all common coverage-data formats. It’s quick and easy!


Groove will integrate with your Geospatial database or server.

Make a plan

In the case where the infrastructure provider (owner of the network) has no relationship with Groove, public domain coverage data may be used (manual coverage scraping from public websites) to empower partners of this provider.

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