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Transform order-delivery experiences & automate, turn your data into action.

Simon uses data to solve your back-end operations: understand what’s happening, automate processes, return agility, and speed delivery, from order to cash.

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It does what you expect!

A fully featured order management platform.

A capable commercial and technical order orchestration product, driving orders though validation, decomposition, dynamic workflow management and fulfilment orchestration.

Built in analytical tools gives you instant insight into performance and processes, helping you identify and eliminate bottlenecks and points of failure, minimizing cost and maximizing customer satisfaction.

It is data-driven, dramatically reducing complexity, cost and time-to-revenue for new and legacy services.

The result is transparency, agility and empowerment. Putting you back in control.


Time to Market

Significantly reduce time-to-market for new products and services.


Implement zero-touch automation to replace costly, manual interventions.

Right First Time

Dramatically improve accuracy in order delivery and reduce fallout.

360 Degree Visibility

End-to-end tracking of orders from receipt to fulfilment with real-time progress notifications.

SaaS enables processing capacity when you need it.  Eliminating pre-payment, resulting in substantial savings

Why build another system?

According to a TMF Report, the BSS model is broken. It’s a business model that just can’t carry on.

We agree.

Over the last few years, we have engaged closely with a number of top telcos/tech customers and partners to understand and clarify their pains, pressures, aspirations, and visions, to guide our future strategy.

With digital technologies set to fundamentally change the IT and telecoms markets, we increased our experimentation with transformative technologies, striving to build real competence. Something far beyond “hello-world”.

Our enthusiastic teams stay awake unpacking: Low-code; AWS; Azure; Open-source, micro-services, robotic process automation; chat-bots; dev-ops; agile; lean start-up; design-thinking; big-data; fast-data; machine-learning; analytics; SDN; 5G; Edge processing; IOT and more…

As our competence and experience across different disciplines grew we identified and built some fresh transformative solutions to help solve our customers problems.

Simon is one we are so excited about!

A data driven digital fabric to transform the delivery of services.


Do what is expected. Workflow & automation. Visibility and efficiency.

Simplify: Everything.

Catalyst: be a solid foundation for digital delivery practice transformations.

Embrace legacy: most customers have all sorts of systems and services. Drive savings and simplification.

Disrupt the failing architecture / models / economics of telco BSS/OSS COTS.

New product workflow in hours; changes in minutes; integrate in seconds; real-value within 90 days.

Agility: Empower business to move and adapt again. Change the performance and economics of eco-systems.

Why we think it’s special?

Simon is a data-driven platform, innovatively applying hyperscale technologies into the delivery-centre of companies which build and operate technology based services.

Integration has never been easier:

  • Connect in easily to popular CSP / Telco systems.
  • Embrace your Excel and custom databases.
  • Connect to APIs in minutes.
  • Zero-touch interoperability with Open Digital Architecture and Open APIs systems.

Data-driven automation:

  • It’s simple and ridiculously fast.
  • Closed-loop flows drive up quality.
  • Delivery tracking is always aligned with the delivery reality.
  • Ready-sequencing increases parallel taking wherever possible.

Active Addressable Data:

  • Smartly transform and aggregate your data so it is brutally simple.
  • Easy, open access to transformed data./li>
  • Find, navigate and act on relationships and associations which where invisible./li>

Cloud speed and scale:

  • Processing scales horizontally.
  • SaaS enables processing capacity only when you need it.
  • Eliminate pre-payment resulting in substantial savings.
  • On-prem deployment is an option.

Add value quickly:

  • Create new flows and automations in minutes.
  • Easily reuse what you configure across different services.
  • Process library with out-of-the-box processes based on industry best practices, including access, network, voip, cloud, mobile and SME.

Every service:

  • Support all services, not just the new ones.
  • Easily ingest data from new and legacy systems, networks, platforms

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